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Picture yourself playing the piano, and right in front of you are the piano chords to any song you like – along with the lyrics.
That’s the power of MusicGlyphs for Piano.

What Do
Look Like?

How Do
Use Them?

Where Can
Get Them?

What Are They?
120 individual piano chord glyphs you can manipulate as you please.

(Clicking On This Link) will take you to our free music page where we have pdf printouts of songs we make using MusicGlyphs for Piano
and the MS Word search & replace engine that comes with your purchase.

Download all of the songs you like.
We want you to start playing new music right away!

What chords come with Music Glyphs for Piano?
Major, Minor, 7th, Dim, Major 7th, Minor 7th, Augmented, Major 6th, Major 9th and Major 11th for each key, A – G.

How Do We Make The Songs For Our Free Music Page?
Our U-Tube video is two minutes and shows honestly how easy it is.
(Warning: Cheesy Music Ahead!)

For Those Who Want the 3 Steps See Below!

Chordie Ramblin Man
Copy the text from the Guitar Chord Website.

Notepad Ramblin Man
Next, Paste it into notepad. (Getting rid of the extra formatting)
Select All The Text Again and Paste it into MS Word.

Word Ramblin Man
Clean up the text, press the MusicGlyphs button and you are ready to play your song!

What will MusicGlyphs for Piano do for you?
Increase your practice time! With so much music to choose from, you will be playing more and retaining more. MusicGlyphs for Piano will open to you all the chord music online made for guitar. Simply cut and paste text formatted chords and lyrics, and quickly make any song you wish to play.

How fast will it do it?
The MusicGlyphs for Piano search & replace engine, made for MS Word, takes the universal chord text, such as a “Bb” for B flat and exchanges that text with the right glyph symbol. The software works as fast as a search and replace. See our 2 minute video above. So fast, it boggles the mind.

Won’t people who own guitar chord websites get mad or isn’t it illegal?
Are you kidding me? The owners of these sites want you to join them and use their sites for your entertainment and learning. They encourage you, as an individual, to make your own list, copy and print songs from their sites and get whatever song you want to practice on.

A great site that we belong to, visit and get songs from all the time is
Chordie.com. There are literally hundreds of sites just like them, where they welcome people with open arms. And we quote their website, “Chordie is a search engine for finding guitar chords and guitar tabs.” Their search engine will find every song imaginable. – Nuf said.

What do I do if it doesn’t work for me?
Just write us and please tell us why. But if you are indeed not satisfied, we have a 90 day no questions asked money back policy.

What makes us different from our competition?
We give you the tools and glyphs to create your own songs.
We open up the vast guitar chord song library on the internet to you.
We show you how to make any song you want to play, most in any key.
No extra downloads to purchase.
No songs to buy separately.
No monthly, yearly or hidden fees.
No more searching for piano chord music on the Internet in vain.
When we add new chords that our customers want, you are included.
A search and replace engine for MS Word that has no equal.
Chord Charts can’t compare, as a matter of fact, we give you a two page chord chart showing every MusicGlyphs for Piano chord.

Why should you buy from us?
Our product is unique. As far as we know, there is no other piano chord song library building product like it. We Hope you see the potential lifelong enjoyment you will recieve from using MusicGlyphs for Piano.

  • You can easily create your own music.
  • Play all of your favorite songs.
  • You can create your own (infinite) music book.
  • Use the latest video display gadget or print it out on paper.

$39.95 – Put Your Passion Into Action!

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